Flare3D v2.7 is out! Flare3D, the engine behind Evil Genius Online Flare3D, the engine behind Farmville 2 Flare3D 3D everywhere Farmville 2 made with Flare3D Flare3D rendering for Stage3D


The easiest way to add real 3D content in your
apps and get professional results.

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Try to take over the world!

Evil Genius Online by Rebellion made with Flare3D
Available now on Facebook!

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Develop once publish everywhere :
Web, iOS, Android and SmarTVs.

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Use the same tools than big studios
and indies around the world!

Disney, EA, GFace, IBM, Zynga, Kabam, Lego, Mixamo, Cartoon Network and more.

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Flash + Stage3D + AGAL

Flare3D takes advantage of full GPU accelerated
content through Adobe Flash's latest technologies.

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Flare3D v2.7 is out!

Physics and collisions, IDE Scripting, Fog and Gamma
and a lot of new features and improvements!

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Is a platform for creating interactive 3D content for web and mobile devices. With a powerful Stage3D rendering engine and an intuitive IDE.


Check out the Flare3D professional tools and start to create 3D content for multiple platforms through Adobe Flash and AIR, the leader cross platform technologies.
Adobe Flash Adobe Air Supports Web, desktop, iOS, Android, BlackBerry and SmartTVs!


Gaming with Flare3D

Create amazing 3D games and go beyond your imagination. The biggest gaming studios and indies around the world are already using Flare3D, now is your turn!


E-Marketing with Flare3D

Picture your next 3D digital campaign. Websites, advergames, visualizations, interactive catalogs, augmented reality and more.
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Cartoon Network's new hit made with Flare3D

Regular Show Dimensional Drift

Regular Show Dimensional Drift is a Single and Multiplayer racing car game. Read more...

Wrestling Revolution using Flare3D by Mat Dickie

Wrestling Revolution

The game will be available for Android, iOS, desktop and OUYA. Discover why It promises to be one of a kind. Read more...

3D Easter Egg Decorator!

3D Easter Egg Decorator!

Bring out the artist you have inside and create the most beautiful Easter egg with our “3D Easter egg Decorator”. Download the example!

Messi, Play Fast or Fail - By MediaMonks made with Flare3D!

Messi - Play Fast or Fail by Iris and MediaMonks!

It’s your turn now. Are you ready to become the best soccer player in the world? Read more!

Evil Genius Online by Rebellion made with Flare3D!

Evil Genius Online by Rebellion made with Flare3D!

We had the possibility to talk with EGO team about the game, Flare3d and the development procces. Read more!

Build your own Flappy Bird with Flare3D!

LightStorm, Flare3D & Barbacube demo running on iPad 3!

We're already having fun with the new Physics & Collisions library, just a few lines of code! Source code and assets included in latest Flare3D version!. Play it now!

Falling in love with Flare3D!

LightStorm, Flare3D & Barbacube demo running on iPad 3!

Download now the lovely FREE example that we made for Valentine's Day Get it now!

Flare3D + Barbacube, LightStorm game on mobile devices!

LightStorm, Flare3D & Barbacube demo running on iPad 3!

Playing LightStorm on an iPad3, Beat your time! Watch now!

Flare3D, Physics and Collision library preview!

Flare3D Physics and Collision library preview!

A different approach for handling physics and collision detection! Watch now!

Bigger, Better and Faster!

Flare3D Water Rendering tutorial with FLSL

Don't miss this review that shows the cool things what we have been doing for the last months! more...

Flare3D Water Rendering tutorial with FLSL

Flare3D Water Rendering tutorial with FLSL

Flare3D's FLSL tutorial presented at Stage3D workshop meeting #2 Fast water rendering with reflection, refraction, dynamic waves, using particles, etc...

Deferred Rendering

Flare3D Deferred rendering video

Flare3D's Deferred Rendering for Stage3D Extended Mode using the Crytek Sponza model. FXAA, SSAO, +500 lights, and more...

Flare3D 2.5.17 beta is out!

Flare3D FLSL

There are a few very nice new features in this version! more ...